Naturals & Rugs

Natural floor coverings are made from plant fibres, which help to create the most beautiful and inviting room. Coir, Jute, Seagrass and Sisal each have their own unique properties and each can add a different feel to a design scheme.

  • Coir is harvested from coconuts, with the long course fibres being removed from the jusk. Rustic, hardwearing and fibrous.
  • Jute is harvested from the inner bark of Cochorous plant. Silky soft jute adds a luxurious touch to your room.
  • Seagrass is grown in paddy like fields, which are flooded by seawater during the growing cycle, and is a lustrous, fragrant and tough fibre. Naturally stain resistant, anti-static and hard wearing
  • Sisal is obtained from Agave Sisalana, which can be readily dyed, a palette of neaturals from silver to toffee or as bold as stunning scarlet. Sisal is hardwearing, versatile and has a diverse natural finish.

These products need professional advice and expert fitting. They also make the most perfect rug, which can be edged with Cotton, Linen and Leather borders.

So call in and see our large collection of samples

We have been suppying and fitting naturals for over 20 years